Movie: All Roads Lead Home

Me and my husband's past time before our daughter came was going to the movies almost every weekend. Now that we have a tiny one, we just watch movies at home. Hubby will go to the theater if the newly released movie interests him. Together we watch variety of movie genre; horror, comedy, science fiction, drama, and many others. I also love to watch movies that we can get lessons from it; movies that sent a message to its viewers. I must admit that it has been a while that we watched a really touching family movie. When we watch drama and I can relate to it or it just simply touches my emotion, I can cry buckets of tears.

I have heard and waiting for All Roads Lead Home The Movie that will be released in DVD on January 13th. I was watching the trailer below and it is really a touching story of a family torn by a sudden death but after the emotional struggle it made the family strong and intact. The movie accordingly is a true story. I can't wait to see it. This type of movie can really inspire and foster hope amidst the many hurdles in life. If you are interested to watch this movie, click the trailer below and you can also pre-order the DVD at




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