First Time in the Snow

These pictures were taken yesterday. It was snowing Tuesday night and in the morning we had around 4-6 inches of snow. I brought our DD outside because I want her to experience the thick snow outside our apartment. I bundled her real good that she complained already :-) But when we got out and she saw the snow coated ground, she was impatient for me to put her down. She got so excited she wanted to ran but no can do since her feet are buried in the snow so she ended up dragging her feet.

The snow was pouring hard so after few minutes I decided to get in. She was crying as soon as I picked her up. She don't want to go inside. She was still crying, running to the door wanting to go out even when we are already inside the apartment. This morning the sun shone but only for few hours. I was thinking of going out again and let her play but around 3pm it was spitting snow again and it seem like there's a blizzard. The gust of wind was strong and the ground started to thicken again. Accordingly it is expected to have another couple of inches of snow in our area.



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