The Weaning Game

On Thanksgiving day I called my Mom. We talked for more than an hour. Our topics are just about anything. While talking to my Mom, the father and daughter were also having fun playing on the floor. Yeah, hubby play wrestling with our DD. He treated her like a little guy which I really don't like. Anyways, my Mom heard them both laughing and screaming and she asked what are they doing.

Then my Mom mentioned if I already started weaning our DD. I told her I can't seem to find a good timing since she is so dependent on me. I still have breast milk and she don't drink much of Vit D milk. So literally she is getting more breast milk than cow's milk. She suggested to me to do what she also did before when she weaned us; that is to cover the nipple area with bandage.

After we talked and while the two were still playing, I went to the bathroom and put bandage on my breast. I am curious what will be her reaction. When it was time to breastfeed her she saw that I have bandage on and I told her Mama got an ouchi. She just went down to the floor and roll over as you can see in the picture above. She was crying and protesting but with no tears.

I toughened myself and did not breastfeed her even when we went to sleep. She is checking from time to time hoping I took the bandage off but didn't. Hubby told me that I am mean for doing so. He said that we will have to wait in her own terms to wean her but I doubt when. When we went to sleep I was telling her that I still have an ouchi and she can't de-de.

She kept on tossing and turning in bed but did not really cry. I gave her Georgie the monkey, her fave stuffed toy right now, and she drifted off to sleep. Around dawn, she woke up and cry. This time it's real cry and was pulling my shirt. I know I can put her back to sleep without breastfeeding but I took pity on her and hubby was bugging me not to be too mean to her so I gave in. I will still try to do the same and hopefully she will be able to get through the night without breastfeeding.



Ritchiela Anyi said...

Bless I weaned Shiela when I had a miscarriage[2nd pregnancy].I only rubbed lemon on my nipple unya ni try siya ug tilap,unya after ato di na jud siya mo ask ug milk.I know nga di jud to maayo kay mura na deceived si SHiela pero sakit man ako tiyan gud ato bec of the surgery.So wa ko nahims.Try lang unya ako gibuhat hehe.Pero naka formula siya karon at least once a day nalang.Di naman siya demanding unlike ato nag breastfeed ko niya.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

hahaha kataw-anan bless oi. lisud jud aayo mag wean ba. i had a hard time with triz, too kay di man jud sya moinom ug regular milk. in fact, until now, di jud sya gainom ug milk. milo ra ginagmay nga sip. iyang source sa vitamin d ug calcium naa ra jud sa fruits and veges kay di man jud sya moinom ug milk until now. saon, ako man pud di gainom so di sya makakita. mokaon nuon sya yogurt panagsa.

but on weaning, i had her weaned a day after she turned 2. pagkalisud jud oi. i still had a few milk that time pero kapoyon naman kaayo ko nga permi lang magtakilid ug higda, di na kagakus sa bana! LOL jowk. bitaw, sakit na kaayo ang nipple ba kay complete na gud ang teeth ni triz. maygani didto ko pinas ato so daghan kaayo makatabang ug lingaw. pero ang nag work ra jud sa akoa was the white flower thing. mao ako gibutang sa ako nipple so halang sya. first, naghilak jud si triz. naluoy ko pero maygani si jon na ang nitabang ug lingaw nga di na magdidi kay yayay na si mama. so since then, she stopped na jud. everytime magtudlo sya sa ako didi, moingon sya yayay. hehehe...

well, good luck nalang sa imong weaning! murag lisud na kay imo hubby di man nimo kakampi. hahaha!

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