Sit on Santa's Lap

Last year was our daughter's first Christmas. While we were at the mall I saw a line of kids along with their parents waiting their turn to sit on Santa's lap for picture. I told my husband that I want our baby's picture with Santa. So came next weekend we went to the mall and had her picture taken while sitting on Santa's lap.

It donned on me that when I was growing up I did not experience such a thing. We live in a far flung area without mall and Santa Clause is only a story from my parents. When I told my husband about it he asked me if I want a picture with Santa to which I find very funny. I don't want to sit on Santa's lap like the little kids do. Then I came across this promotion of sit on santa's lap brought by Ceiva Digital Photo Frames.

This promotion will enable you or me to sit on santa's lap virtually and whisper to him your wish for Christmas. This is not as embarrassing as what my husband suggested to me when I told him my story. If you visit the site, Santa and the elf is introducing a one of a kind digital photo frame of the 21st century, the Ceiva Digital Photo Frame. This photo frame is different from the others because you can send photos through your cellphones and computers in real time all over the world. I tried uploading a photo and typed my wish. In just a blink of an eye the photo appeared on the frame. My name and my wish were also listed on the naughty and nice database.

If you want to experience it, check out the site I gave above. In addition, Santa is encouraging everyone to join the Got a Wish Sweeepstakes. Everyday until Christmas they will pick out one winner to receive a prize of $500. Join now and this may be the time your wish will be granted.




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