When she opened the door

I know my Mommy-time in the bathroom is done unless I have to lock it inside. She can now reach the door handle and turn it open. I cannot hide from her anymore :-) I took a shower early this evening and I was thinking she will not follow me but she opened the bathroom door and scream gleefully. I knew already that she can open the doors since she has been doing it last week but I did not lock the door. She look very funny when she does something we don't want her to do. Because she is cute and adorable to look at when doing something silly, I can't afford to reprimand her. I have to tell her over and over now not to open bathroom door when someone is in there. It is time to teach her to respect people's privacy now. I know later on she will learn to understand it.



Merydith said...

Bless dugay ra kaayo among bathroom door sige na ug open. Amo lang gud na i lock kay sayon ra man kaayo niya pag abli. Ang uban doors naa nag baby safety nga doorknob pero ang sa bathroom lahi man ug style gud. Sos uy mag 2 naman ning duha hapit.

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