My Kind of Vacation

My husband loves to go places. He has been asking me where to go this holiday but I am the one who is firm in my decision not to because we have so many goals to attain this coming year. I told him that we need to continue saving so we will be able to put out the down payment for our dream house. He is convincing me to do both, saving but also reward ourselves for doing great this year. He even suggested scouting for holiday packages that can give us the best kind vacation but at an affordable price.

He has that convincing power but I still am very adamant because I know what my kind of vacation is; the kind of vacation that I can totally relax and see the place for the first time. A friend of mine suggested checking out great holiday deals with Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing in Missouri. This is a hotel located near the new Branson Landing which is minutes away from Silver Dollar City. I have been to Missouri but missed Branson during our stay.

As you know, it has been my dream to go to Branson when my friend told me about it. They went there for vacation and she said there are so many things to do there. There is also another hotel to stay there, the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel which is at the heart of historic downtown Branson. Both hotels is near entertainment, shopping, and dining district apart from minutes away from different attractions. I told my husband that we may not go for holiday this year but for sure in the coming years we will definitely visit this place.





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