Her Past Time

Our DD is now in the stage of trying to make of something with her toys. She likes building with her toy boxes, stacking, and separating toys. Right now she is into building blocks and she always play her stacking boxes. I noticed that now she can do higher stacks and she can finish the 10 boxes as long as if she is concentrating. The picture above was taken two weeks ago. She stacked the boxes but still in no particular order. The second picture she was trying to put one box on top of the smallest one. I told her to switched it because the smallest one cannot hold it. Because she can't reach it I hold her up and let her switch the two boxes. She made it and I can see that she is really proud of what she did. She also like to be praised when she is doing good. I am happy that she is interested to learn more skills and is very curious of how things work. I hope she will continue to become inquisitive and will show more interest in learning. We are proud of her little accomplishments every single day.



J@n!ce said...

I rem my boys love stacking blocks when they are younger too. Now seeing your little one playing with them just bring back memories to me :)

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