I Feel Bloated

It's been a month now that I really feel bloated :-) Yeah, this means that I can't get enough of grubbing er eating :-) When the new year set on, I vowed to become more healthy and embrace a good life. Now I am healthy but I guess I am also becoming heavier. Although my weight is still appropriate for my height but my belly fat cannot be hidden anymore. We went to the Supermall yesterday and tried on pants at Aeropostale. I took a 3/4 S size pants. The length is okay but the waist line and hip line is a little bit tight. Before our DD, I can fit in a 0 S or 1/2 S pants but now no can do anymore. I guess I need to have the best diet pill that will target these stubborn fats of mine. Hubby told me that I just need exercise to tone down my muscles because I am not heavy literally. I only felt like it since I was used to the very petite, tiny size me before. Oh well, at least I don't look like malnourished anymore.



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