I Feel Queasy

I am not sure yet how far I am with my pregnancy. My first OB-GYN check up will be on the 4th but based on my last period I am now on my 8th week (unofficial though). This pregnancy is definitely different with my first one. Right now I feel queasy all the time. The sickness that I am feeling is all day long. Accordingly, 80% of pregnant women experience this 'morning sickness' while others are spared and doctors can't really explain why this is so. I've read also that the nausea and vomiting that expectant Moms are feeling is due to the increased level of estrogen earlier in the pregnancy. Estrogen stimulates part of the brain that triggers this dizziness. This however will wind down during 13 to 14 weeks. I do hope so because it is awful not to be able to eat good.

My ex-boss told me before that saltine crackers does helped a lot and avoiding spicy, oily or fatty foods. So now I have my saltine crackers and bottle of water all the time at my side. Portioning my meals into smaller ones but frequently will get me through the day. I think I also need more exercise to at least boost up my energy daily. I guess not being active is also the reason why I am sluggish :-) Oh well I can blame it to the weather too. It's still dang cold here and walking outside will entail me and our DD to bundle up before we can step out of our door.



""rare*jonRez"" said...

bless, luoya nimo oi. mao man jud na akong gibati w/ my pregnancy with triz. i always dreaded mornings before kay mao man ang start sa morning sickness. unya morning sickness ra ba nga mo-last taman sa gabii. paita man jud. mao jud nakapatagam sa akoa lagi. pero ingon man lagi daw nga kung ing-ana sauna, ang sunod nga pregnancy, smooth and sound na kaayo. ambot lang jud kay hangtud karon tagam pa man jud ko. hehe...

naa ko amiga diri, kauban namo sa church, pareho jud mo kaagi ay. sa first pregnancy niya kay ok ra kaayo sya. karon sa iyang ikaduha na ambot grabe jud iyang antus. hahayyy! maayo unta naa kay katabang diha..

cge ayo ayo bless!

Raquel said...

Mads, hapit na imong prenatal visit, don't worry too much. I feel pity though kay wala diha si hubby. Hugs and kisses to your DD.

Take care and God bless.

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