Special Request: I Want a Watch

I received a message from my family back in the Philippines that they already received the second balikbayan box that I sent to them last year. I immediately called my Mom as soon as I got the message. My Mom told me that they were all excited opening the box and of course even if there are some disappointments because they did not receive exactly what they wished but still very grateful for the small gift that we were able to share to them. Then my 10 year old nephew asked my Mom that he wanted to talk to me. He asked me if I can give him a watch. He said he is already an expert in reading time and wishes to have a sports watch for his coming birthday. This nephew of mine is very funny and sometimes irritating but I love him dearly. I told him that I will see what I can do. I was browsing some kid's watches in store and online but so far what I like the best are the Oakley watches. I like their design and it can be casual as well as sporty. I am pretty sure if I will get it for him my other nephew will be jealous. So, I'll see whatever my budget can get but for sure I will give him a sports watch for his birthday.



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