Working Abroad

I talked to my niece last week. She is a nurse and she is working in our provincial hospital. She applied to work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is lucky that she was able to be accepted to work in one of the hospitals there through the POEA. She said that she is already waiting for her visa which is supposed to be released anytime now and as soon as she gets it their flight will be scheduled. She will not be lonely there since her and her best friend in college will be working in the same hospital. This is her first time to work overseas. She will be leaving her husband behind and their 18 month old little girl in hope to achieve their dreams.

While talking to her I can't imagine that the little girl that I used to take care before is now going in a foreign land to work. She told me that she is not little anymore :-) and in fact is bigger than me in the real sense of the word. She said if I can give her some weight loss pills so while being away she can also loss weight. She gotten heavier after she gave birth and she also hoped that while working overseas, she will be able to shed the excess pounds. I just wish her all the best and to be safe while working abroad. Hopefully after 2 years of her contract there she can move to Canada or even here in the US so she will be near me.



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