So Excited of What She Did

Our DD will be 21 month old this month. What she is up to this time is running around and play stacks, either its the boxes or the cups. When she finished what she is doing she will clap and became so excited. My main thing now is how to stop her from running around too much. When she runs around my heart skips fast as well. I am afraid she will just hit on hard surface and injure her or what not (God forbid). I read and heard about toddlers who are into running all the time also and got injuries you cannot imagine. I hope she will pass this stage soon :-) so I will be at ease :-)



Signe said...

Oh, I can guarantee that she'll fall and get hurt...there will come a time that her shins and knees will be black and blue. It's all just part of the rambunctiousness of a toddler :) She's adorable, btw.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

hapit na jud mag 24 months si shiloh bless. dali ra kaayo panahon no? hehe... akong egat pud, dalaga na! lol

Merydith said...

Good job little Shiloh! Si Kiko kay mag recite recite na sa vowels I-E-O ko no when he is pretending how to read. Then ang itchy bitchy spider kahibalo na sad siya sa iyang fingers. Dako na jud atong mga anakins.

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