Our 22 Month Old

I haven't posted new picks of our DD here in my blog for more than two months until now. The reason was that our digicam that was left here when hubby left for his training is broken. I did not buy a new one so I only had the chance to take pictures of her when hubby came home. But the laziness in me once again crept in and I did not have too much interest taking pictures thus also the delay in posting pictures. Anyways, I was able to upload this morning the pictures that was taken since hubby came home until yesterday. Our DD at 22 months old is still a petite girl like Mommy. She is very funny too during her silliest moments. Yesterday after I changed her for church I told hubby how she've grown. She is getting taller :-) Hubby seconded that she is no longer our tiny one :-( but we are happy that she is doing great. I was told before by friends and my family that we have to enjoy our little ones since they grow fast like a weed. It is true and you can't stop when they grow. Best thing we can do is give them the best of our time when they are still babies and enjoy every moment of it.



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