Our Monday

I know for some states, especially in the east coast, the weather is just treacherous. I saw on the news about the snow storm that hammered most of the northeast and even in Georgia and Alabama. When I woke up this morning I was happy because it was sunny. After we had breakfast I gave our DD her bath and changed her. I was planning to go to the store and get some stuff but decided to wait on the 4th. We instead went out to throw the trash, took our mails from Saturday and then paid our rent for the month. I put her on her push cart and let her hold the pizza box while I was pushing the cart in one hand and held the trash bag on the other. She held on to the box until we reached the recycling area of our apartment complex. Looking at her, she is happy to be able to help. She even wanted to hold the magazines that I got from our mailbox. She is really growing and a little helper :-)

I learned from the management that our lease agreement will end in April. So I told her that we will renew our lease for another year. I asked if they have a three bedroom available but unfortunately they don't have a three bedroom lay out in this complex. We thought of moving in a bigger place since we are going to have an addition. We will talk more on this when hubby gets back here. There are lots of things we need to prepare for our second child's arrival and hubby's deployment. On the other note, back to the weather, I thought the day will end up being sunny but around 4pm the heavy rain came down pouring, bummer!



Mimi said...

Hi Bless! I am so happy that you're going to have another baby soon. I wish we were neighbors so Miriam will have playmates too. If you want to look for a place, try to visit Cambridge Court Apartment here on the westside. It's very close to everything especially the mall. Our apartment is at the back of Bank of America, close to Olive Garden. The address here is 2323 9th Ave. SW, Olympia, 98502. They're giving away 42' flat screen tv too for a new lease. If you have a chance, maybe you and your hubby can look for a 3bedroom. Take care always. God bless!

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