Sniffles, Sniffles Go Away

Yesterday was the first of the spring season but here in our neck of the woods is still cold. We were out yesterday afternoon and boy I wished I did not have to go to the college to pick up my books and do some errands. It was very cold and while walking out from our apartment unit it was showering a little. Our DD walked going to the car and I know she got cold. When we were finally home around 7pm I noticed her runny nose. When this happens I expect her temperature to rise as well too. True enough, when I put her to bed she kept tossing and turning. Although she is not crying but I felt she had a hard time breathing due to stuffy nose. We had the humidifier with vicks on and I massaged her chest and back with the vick's vapor rub. Around 2am she felt hot and I took her temperature it was 99.8F. I was thinking of giving her baby Tylenol but decided to just give her a sponge and if the temp subsides then she'll be okay. I did the sponge after two hours and when I took her temperature it was already 98F. Right now I know her sniffles and sore throat is bothering her. I just hope it will not get worst. Hubby is also feeling a bit under the weather and is having his dosage of halls. I wish this cold weather will be over soon and the temperature here starts to pick up so we will not deal with the colds anymore.



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Raquel said...

Hi mads, I hope Shiloh will be ok soon. Lisod kung ang bata magskit oi, luoy sila tan-awon labi na magping-ot ang ilong.

Andrea Singer said...

I'm sorry your little sweetie is sick (as well as your big sweetie, haha!) I hope your family feels better soon!

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