Play Pretend at the Children's Museum

I mentioned already in my blogs that we went to the Children's Museum in Seattle. I can say that it was one of the best time of our DD playing and do pretend.

The pictures above were taken inside a hobby shop. Kids can pretend inside as a quilt maker and designer. They have a touch screen computer were kids can select different designs for their quilts or assemble a pattern. Our DD enjoyed taking the pieces of the pattern in and out.

We went inside a mini-grocery store as well. The kids here can pretend that they are in the supermarket as a shopper, sales associate, cashier, and others. It is complete with mini carts and the check out counter is really very nice and cute. The store has a dry goods section, produce, meat and dairy, flowers, and other usual stuff we find in our local supermarket. Our DD had fun pushing the cart and taking out boxes and other stuff from the shelf. I saw one kid there that wore an apron and he was putting back the merchandise back to the shelf and also cleaning out the store. I enjoyed watching the kids busy doing their grocery shopping.



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