US Passport Application for our DD

Our plan to go to Philippines is already set this year and with that we need to have our daughter's passport ready. We headed to the post office last Monday to hand in the application. Hubby downloaded the application online and we filled it up before going to the USPS office. We already had her photographs taken a week ago. The requirements that we brought there are as follows:

  • Filled out application form
  • 2 photographs, passport size and specification (applicant)
  • original copy of birth certificate as proof of US Citizenship
  • parents' identification cards w/ photographs (used our driver's licenses)
We got everything ready so it did not take long for us to do the process. We paid $86 in total, included payment for the application which is $60 for passport book under age 16; $25 execution fee (payment to the facility where you applied for the passport) and the rest is for the money order fee. The $60 is only payable with personal check or money order. We went to this site for more detailed information about passport application.

The only thing that was kind of hard for us with the process was during our daughter's photo shoot. There are certain guidelines and specifications for the photographs to be used. With a toddler whose very active, sitting still is not always possible. When we asked her to sit properly and look at the camera, she will do a lot of movements. There's one that she turned her head to left and right, pout her lips, playing peek a boo with the photographer, bending and clapping, and other movements you can name for. I think it took us more or less 20 minutes before we were able to get a good one. I was thankful that the lady photographer was very friendly and patient that she was able to put up with our DD.

I am glad that the next time we will do this is after 5 years. The passport is only good for five years then after that she needs to apply again. We were told that it is not a mere renewal but the process is the same as when you first apply for a passport.



Merydith said...

I am so happy for you mama, manguli mo. Kita na jud sila ni Shiloh. Sos ako maghilak siguro ko makakita ni mama ug ni kiko. Dugay ra man unta ni nahuman ning passport ni kiko unsaon man maglisud man mi ngita ug time nga naa si Ryan. Here both parents need to be present then 3:00 ra sila sa hapon kutob mao na di jud namo maabtan. Good luck ninyo diha. :O)

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