Day at the Spa

Part of my winnings that was sponsored by IZEA and Busted Moms was a $500 gift certificate for spa and salon services. I mentioned in one of my posts that I scheduled my spa appointment today. So, I went there this morning at 10am and was able to get out at 4:30pm. I basically spent the whole day there for pampering and relaxation :-) To tell you honestly, it was my first time to be pampered that way. I felt like a million bucks afterward.

The spa that I went to is the Tuscan Sanctuary Salon Spa. The spa looks very nice and the people there are very pleasant. I chose a day spa package which includes a 90 minute AVEDA Hydraotherm Massage, a treatment enhancement of your choice, a Self- Renewal Facial, a Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure, Shampoo and Style and an individual make-up lesson and application, includes a deli lunch. I may have this only one chance of having a spa day getaway so I did the longest and thorough one. For treatment enhancement, I chose their Caribbean body mask and wrap using different Carribean plant ingredients that gives inner calm and rejuvenates the skin. They use different products of AVEDA for all treatments that they have. I felt very relaxed during the process and even dozed to sleep a little bit while being wrapped like a burrito.

I got the facial next, my first ever in my 33 years of existence :-) I was just so scared before to have that kind of procedure before but now I see the need to have it done. I got pointers from the Esthetician that did the facial and she's very helpful in answering my concerns about my skin. I love the result. My skin felt so soft and smooth. I am now trying the AVEDA moisturizer and exfoliant and see if it will have great effect on my skin when used daily. But the most important thing to do in taking care of our skin is still having a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, and drink a lot of water.

After having my lunch, I then proceeded to have manicure and pedicure, shampoo and hairstyle and the last thing we did was make-up. I got pointers on basic make up application. This is my problem actually. I really don't know how to put make up on that is why I only put lip gloss or lipstick. To some this is a no brainer but I really cannot pull it off. With the one on one this afternoon at the salon gave me confidence to do it by myself.

My day at the spa today was really a great experience. It did not only detoxied my body and made me rejuvenated but also helped in my personal growth. I learned a lot. I am so thankful for the sponsors for giving me the opportunity. Below are some pictures that hubby took before and after my salon spa day.



1st pic taken outside the salon when hubby picked me after the spa session: 2nd pic taken outside our apartment building going out for dinner. Hubby's treat to end my me-day :-)



Joe-ann said...

wow, great experience's good to spoil and pamper ourselves look great on your photos.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

wow Bless, ka-nice no? naa baya jud kalahian diay ang before-after nga pics ayy. sa after bitaw kay murag ni-firm ang skin no? haaaay nus-a kaya akong turn? hahaha! rejuvenated jud kaayo oi. thanks for sharing Bless!

JO said...

wow! 6.5 hours of pampering! I needed that...

Fuchsia Mac said...

You look refreshed in the after pic. I need to follow your lead and get to the spa.

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