Baby Bedding

One thing that I have a hard time deciding when we were planning for our DD's nursery was the design of the room and the accessories that goes with it. I am the type of person who likes to matchy-matchy when it comes to bedding, decor, and window treatment for the baby's room. My husband told me to do whatever I want to do and he will just follow. One thing that I somehow regret looking for baby stuff was by not surfing much on the internet and look at other sites aside from the ones that I already know. I should have looked at because they have various selections of 12 piece baby crib bedding sets that are perfect for any baby's room. What I mostly find in stores are just 6 piece sets and you have to buy separately the window treatment and other accessories. It is more expensive when you do it rather than having to buy it altogether at a better price. Baby Bedding Palace's Baby Bedding products are made of 100% high quality cotton that is soft and comfortable for babies to use. The material does not irritate your baby's skin. So, now that I know there is a place to get 12 piece bedding sets for babies, I will not have any problem decorating next time.



JO said...

I dont do the match... it is just way too costly. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

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