Farm Town Withdrawal Syndrome

I am currently experiencing withdrawal syndrome away from playing at Farm Town :-) And even our DD is also cranky since she can't watch her favorite nursery rhyme songs in youtube and starfall. For two days now hubby is upgrading our desktop and changing the software in it. He is upgrading to Vista and before he did it he reformatted the computer. He don't have much time to do it but only during his free time. He comes home from work late everyday because of the many goings on in their company plus he has to attend school after work as well. I tried using the other laptop last night but then some virus attacked it so he said I have to stop using it and he will reformat it as well. Good thing there's not much files in there. Right now I am using the older laptop but this is very slow that logging on to facebook will take very long it will just frustrate. I hope he'll be done tonight so I can attend to my farm online lolz.



Joe-ann said...

weheheehe...take care of the hacienda.

Abas said...

Ugh, reformatting a PC is such a hassle. The hard part is to re-install all the software one needs to be on the pc again. Nonetheless, I guess there is a software to do just that too.

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