Back from Aloha Vacation

We got back from our vacation yesterday midnight. It was a great vacation although I wish we have more time there. We were only there for four days and three nights and those days are not enough to see the beauty of the island and the entertainment it offers. We were there mainly for the graduation of the oldest son and the side trips and sightseeing were only secondary. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the stay and glad that the kids also enjoyed seeing each other. The time they spent was short but I believe they had a blast seeing and knowing each other. I will be posting pictures of our trip after I am done uploading it. I am just so tired right now and feel sick. I got sniffles and sore throat while we were there. It was so hot in Hawaii and it's the kind of heat that will really drain your energy. Even our DD and the older daughter, R, got the sniffles. But even if we were not feeling that good we still tried to make our stay there a great one. There are just too many things you can do in Hawaii that you need more days to enjoy each and not in a hurry. It was my third time there and seemed like every vacation is always short :-) Hopefully our next will be different and we will do those that we haven't done before.



Joe-ann said...

wow..looking forward for photos of you.=)I'd like to go to Hawaii too.=)

ღ pinaymama ღ said...

Hello, favor please if you have time, please change my blog's title to Garden of Moments (former Pinaymama's Diary) Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

PinayWAHM said...

Buti pa kayo nakapag bakasyon na even if for a few days lang.....good to hear you had a great time.

Thanks for the compliments sa aming little girl. She's 7...going on 17 na ata.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

Mommy J

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