Phatband Internet Speed by Charter

I am really glad I joined twitter-land because it enables me to be in the know of what is hot and new in different fields. I haven't opened my twitter page for days now but when I checked it I read Charter’s Twitter Feed saying they're rolling out Phatband, the super fast internet speed. I believe this is the fastest speed of internet connection that a provider can give to its customers and this is only through Charter.

According to the Ultra60 Information Page of Charter, the speed of internet is 60 Mbps and this is the highest speed that a provider can offer as of this time here in the US. Charter offers this in the St. Louis market and will be available to other areas that they service all throughout 2009. The rolling out of this ultra fast internet service by Charter is their way of giving back to their customers. They wanted all their customers to experience the ease of using the internet. With this kind of speed, customers can enjoy fast streaming of games, music, movies, telecommuting, and browsing through multimedia sites. I wish we are serviced here with Charter. It will surely be different to have internet Phatband connection.





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