Whats Up!!

What's up with me??? Yeah I know I haven't been updating my blogs regularly coz I got side tracked with too much goings on in FB - as in FACEBOOK (hehehe). It's getting crazy lately with all the invites to join games; from farming to the catwalk and glamour life, yeah I joined 'em all! Right now I am hook with Sorority Life. I have to slow down with tending my farm and switch to the limelight (hahaha). This only show that I have no life here, lolz. Nevertheless, I am enjoying it and got to meet a lot of sisters online from all over the world. Now that hubby is back from a month long training, I will also slow down with my online games. We also have a lot of things to do before our vacation and hubby's deployment. But to all the ladies who visits my blog, check out Sorority Life too and be part of the sisterhood!!!! lolz



Katherine a.k.a. Katie said...

Hello, I’m just stopping by to say how much I enjoy your site and to mention that you are listed in my Favorite Places category at my website http://www.GoAskKatie.com
Wishing you happiness, Katherine

Ritchelle said...

Because of farm town,wa na gyud koy laing mabuhat Bless,akong gi ignore and farm ville ug sorority haha.

favor lang beh,kung okay lang.I have changed my url to http://www.mypoints-of-view.com/....sa points of view nga blog ba.I hope it's okay to take a minute of your time,yepeyyyy. haha.thanks a lot.

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