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It's been eleven days since my last post here. I was busy with my errands, seeing friends and tending to our sick DD. The past week was kinda rough for me. I did a lot of driving going to places. Then Monday night our DD had a fever. I got so scared since there's only the two of us here. I was wondering what caused her fever. I was thinking she must have been tired from our driving almost the whole day while it was very hot and humid. I gave her baby Tylenol and the fever subsided. I gave another dose after four hours and her temperature maintained at 99F. When she woke the next morning she was very hot again. Although she had temperature she was still very active and playing a lot so I did not worry much. Then she started complaining her teeth hurts. When I look at her mouth I saw blisters and her gums kind of swollen. I called her dentist and made an appointment. Wednesday morning when she woke up and her temperature went up to 103F. I decided to call the hospital and made a same day appointment. I went to the hospital at 10am and at 1pm we went to see her dentist.

The doctor that saw her at the hospital prescribed her a mouthwash to apply on her gums every four hours. And he told me to continue to give the Tylenol if her temperature is still up. Her blisters and swollen gums caused her the fever. When we saw her dentist she was really behave. The dentist told me that her gums are really irritated and she has sores in her tongue, sides of her mouth and two on her lips. She told me to brush her teeth gently or just clean her mouth and teeth with gauze dipped in a salt solution. Then this Friday we will go back to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned.

I wasn't satisfied with the consultation at the hospital so I called the triage nurse and asked if I can get another appointment again since our DD's fever kept coming back and she had open sores in her mouth. There was no available schedule at the Army hospital so she referred me off post, at an urgent care clinic. Good thing the clinic is only five minute drive. She has normal temperature already and the doctor evaluated her and based on the symptoms showing, she told me she has a viral infection common with kids. She said it is like foot, hand and mouth disease. But good thing with her she don't have blisters on her hands and feet.

The sores and tender gums are really a discomfort to her especially when she's eating. She had hard time chewing as well as swallowing. Tuesday until Thursday she hardly ate. She was asking for food that she usually eat but once she took a bite she will give it back to me right away and will say "ya-yay" or "ouchi". I gave her liquids, milk, water and diluted apple juice all the time to make sure she's hydrated. At night she wakes up complaining of the pain in her mouth. Ever since she got sick I haven't had a good sleep. Although she doesn't have fever since Thursday night but her discomfort due to her mouth sores makes her fussy and irritable at night. I am very glad that this weekend she started to eat a lot. The sores are starting to fade and her swollen and bleeding gums is also starting to heal. I am just glad that despite her being sick she is still happy and very active. Hopefully this week everything will be okay and her sores will disappear completely.



Joe-ann said...

sus..mao jud..lisod jud ug masakit ang bata. Good thing te, kay dili ka mag panicked. Ako I tend to. it's great that Shiloh is now fine.:)take care!

Gorgeous MUM said...

I hope your pretty DD completely feels better. And you take it easy too!

Take care!

Neneng(aka baning/banot) said...

Bless, i'm glad DD is now better. I feel your worries since hubbys travels once in awhile and we are home alone. Kisses to little DD.


ATHS Batch 1984 said...

Awww...wawa naman si si mommy! It's very hard when our little ones get sick. But I'm glad she's feeling ok you need to catch up on the snoozing.

Hope this week will be a lot better!

Mommy J

Merydith said...

Kaluoy man ni Shiloh uy. Ana jud diay ka grabe iyang gums mama? Hope she is feeling better na.

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