Dancing Diva

Time really fly so fast. Our then tiny baby is now a toddler and is starting to show her interest even at such a young age. When we have occasion to celebrate here we noticed that our DD love to dance. Then my friends, whose kids are 5 years old, told me that the dance school their kids go to have a program for toddlers. So in October I enrolled our DD to that program. The program runs only for six Saturdays so I let her tried it. She completed the first six weeks already and she is supposed to go back last Saturday. Unfortunately both of us here got sick so I decided to enroll her back again after six weeks.

She liked going to the class but one thing she is scared of doing is the somersault. She will start to position herself but when you urged her to finish the act she will just go stiff. I think she is scared of hurting herself :-) The instructor said that in time she will overcome it and do the somersault. I asked her why she won't do it and she said "hurt head" :-) Maybe when she's already three she will do it on her own accord.

Aside from dancing, she is also into music. When we had the party on Nov. 7 she was also joining us dancing and singing. Even though she can't pronounce the lyrics she also sung to her hearts content. She even copied my friends dancing that they called her their star dancer :-) She is not shy at all. I hope she will still continue to show interest in dancing and singing. Right now her favorite song to sing is My Bukas Pa and the new ABS-CBN Christmas station ID song. She love hearing it over and over through youtube.

DD's first dance trophy (tiny trophy) given by their instructor for completing the first six weeks of the program.



mimilanie's corner said...

Been following your blog, thanks for sharing this!

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ellen said...

happy sunday!wondering if you can find time to visit me..

Gorgeous MUM said...

Congrats to your little girl! You must be one proud Mum!

marielle said...

Happy Friday! God Bless!

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