Checking My Christmas List

It's twenty one days before Christmas and I am pretty sure some of us are now making sure to check the Christmas list and hoping shopping is done as early as possible. Honestly I am not done with my Christmas shopping. Going out is a task because the temperature is dropping down. I have to make sure both me and our toddler girl is bundled up for warmth. The other day we went out very early because our daughter's doctor's appointment is at 8:20am. Good thing I decided to drive past 7am since the car was covered with frost. I need to have it melted so I can drive. So definitely we are feeling the winter weather now.

Last week I started my Christmas shopping out to the stores. But considering the chilling weather I may have to go online to finish my shopping. I have been browsing different sites that offers good deals for Christmas gifts and found some that I like. I only have two person left to buy presents and I am looking at Patagonia kids brand at I am thinking of getting our daughter the on sale puffer coat that she can use this winter.

I am browsing more about Patagonia brand and I ind of like their products. They have different collections for men, women and kids. They have all the apparel you need and it's very durable and quality too. A friend of mine mentioned it to me also and she too like this brand. So now I may have to get something from this brand for my husband as well. Although he is not here to use it yet but he will be able to use my gift when he gets home. Now I know what to get to finish up my shopping list.



rinzonelle said...

Have a nice weekend! God Bless!

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