Gentle with Kids

Our DD love to play with other kids. She is very gentle as well with them. But there are times that if she feel like it's too crowded and other kids are wild she will step back and prefer to just watch instead. On Thursday I brought her to the mall and let her play at the mall's play area. First she was looking around and then went to area where there's no kid was playing. When a bunch of kids came she looked at me and smiled then sat beside me just contented watching the others running around. I coaxed her to go play but she said no Mommy. I noticed that when her safety is compromised, like she'll be bumped by bigger kids, she will not join or go play. I think she started to be very cautious at a young age. I want her to take risks too but I'll just wait for her to do it on her own accord. She is still learning and I am here to teach, guide and support her. Every time we go out and see her friends I always remind her to be nice and gentle with her friends and she will repeat it to me. When she is already playing with them she will come to me from time to time and tell me she'll be nice to them.



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