Our Little Dance Diva

Our 31 month old toddler girl is also our little dance diva. I don't know but she really love dancing. Every time she hear music with a fast beat or tempo she will dance to it. Yesterday we attended the Filipino Community Christmas party and there was a live band. When we entered the hall the band was already playing. There were few people inside since we got there early. The band was playing Nobody by Wondergirls and she was dancing to it right away. Even when we started eating and the band was still playing, she stood up to her chair and danced . The people from other tables were looking at her and clapped their hands because she just grooved away. Below is the picture my friend took when she was dancing on her seat while I was feeding her. I can't keep her from dancing.

We left the party past 9pm and the dancing just started. Before we left she run to the dance floor where there were lots of party goers doing the line dance. I had to scooped her so we can leave since she just won't go. I hope she will not be a party girl when she grows up :-)



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