Christmas Pose

Our little girl is loving the camera nowadays. When we had our get together on Christmas eve, my friend took a photo of her. She coached her to pose and the picture on the side is what came out.

She likes to wear bling too. When we go out she always ask for her purse and head band. If I will not give it to her then we can't get out of the house. She's now 31 months and she's learning a lot. She is also a copy cat. Whatever I do especially when we are at the bathroom she will copy me.

She is funny little girl and I am enjoying her more each day. She can be a handful but she is very sweet and affectionate. She like to help and always say 'love you Mommy'. It just melt your heart when she says the words.



ellen said...

..hope you can find time to visit mine and follow me in google friend connect...Enjoy the season...God Bless!

ellen said...

Happy New Year!

Raquel said...

Thank you for sharing this photo mads. labihan man jud naka posing oi. cute kaayo mads, I like it.

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