Learning a New Language

I have been thinking of learning another language ever since. My thoughts before was to learn Spanish since living here in the US make me able to meet other nationality. And when you apply for a job dealing with customer service and the like, you will have an edge if you know other language. My husband bought a book and CD about learning the Spanish language but still I am not so motivated in using it. I told him that if I can go to a formal class my learning will be more precise and I will be able to learn more.

While surfing online for different sites to learn other language, I was able to stumble a very helpful Spanish translation sites. Some of them will only let you use the services when you make an account with them. That means you need to give some of your personal information and I am not liking it. So, my best option is to check out local services here in our area who offers classes to learn other language. I know the school that I went to here offers different classes for different languages and hopefully I will be able to enroll to one. I just need to know how much they charge. I hope there is a free service but I doubt it. It is one of my list for this year to learn another language that I can utilize when I am going back to work. For now I will just use the Spanish translation online and slowly learn the Spanish language.



Merydith said...

mama, I plan to take Spanish 101 sa school. I am sure it will be hard but interesting.

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