Playing at McDonald's

The first time I let our daughter played at McDonald's she was very apprehensive to climb up the lower slides. My friend's daughter helped her out in climbing as well as in sliding. The second time we went back there she was beginning to follow other kids but she still maintain precaution every time she go up. After her every slide she will run to me and smile then she'll say, "fun Mommy".

Yesterday, after my dear friend C helped me out with steam cleaning our carpeted floor, I treated the kids to MD. After they had their happy meal they went ahead to the play area. Our DD was very excited that even when we were still at Safeway to return the Rug Doctor she was already telling me she wanted to play slide at MD. So when we were there already she was having a time of her life.

Before, I easily get worried when I let her play by herself but I need to let her explore and enjoy herself so she can learn. Good thing with her is that if she thinks she will get hurt she won't go for it and instead ask help. I always remind her to be careful so she will not get hurt nor hurt other kids. I am glad she is learning and not rowdy when outside playing. If it's not really cold here I will bring her to the park but it's just impossible that is why I am glad there are indoor play area around that the kids can enjoy during winter time.



Blia said...

It's amazing how quickly grow and progress, isn't it. I'm glad your daughter is doing well.

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