38 Weeks Prenatal Check Up

Yesterday at 1pm was my 38 weeks pre-natal check up. I arrived at my appointment 15 minutes early and it didn't take long for me to be checked in and seen by a nurse first then the OB-Gyne. The usual procedure was done like getting weight, height, vitals and questions like do you smoke, alcohol, and any allergies. Everything is normal and the rest are negative so I was told to wait for the doctor to come in.

The doctor asked me if I have any concerns, pain or whatsoever. I just told her that I felt the contraction around my tummy is getting stronger but not that painful and only lasts in seconds. I did not feel the same with my first pregnancy because I gave birth early and my water broke first. Then she measured the fundal height which is a normal size and the baby's heartbeat is excellent ranging from 150bpm-160bpm. She asked me if I wanted the internal exam to know if my cervix is already open. I said yes so I will know and somehow be ready.

The IE was done and then she said the cervix is about 3cm dilated and 75% effaced. Knowing it I asked her if an imminent labor will happen soon and she said we can't really tell since a pregnant woman can still go for a week while 3cm or even 5cm dilated. When the mucos plug will be swept and have blood showing and then my amniotic sac broke then I really have to go to the hospital and checked in at labor and delivery. And if there's any problem at home I should not hesitate to go directly to L&D.

After the check up I made an appointment for 39th week and 40th week in case I will still not give birth. Everything was a breeze and I decided to go to the Commissary to get some groceries. I have to stock up so I will not drive a lot this week while waiting for hubby. I only meant to get few things at the store but decided to load up so I will not go back and forth to stores. I was pushing the cart very slow inside the store fearing I will go into labor :-) So far everything went well and was able to get home safe and still pregnant :-)



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