DD#1 Turned 3 Years Old

Our DD1 turned three years old last month. Since we were not able to give her party on her 1st and 2nd birthdays, we decided to give her one this time. It was really a Filipino kind of party where there is lechon baboy. Glad to find where we can get one. I must say it is a little expensive but it's for our little girl and it's worth it. We invited our friends here and their kids. Many accepted the invitation. It was fun and the party was a success.

So, we passed the terrible two. Honestly when she was two I don't think it was terrible. She's a mild baby. Now that she's three she's becoming more assertive and is learning to negotiate when she wants something. At two her patience was short hopefully it will change now that she's a year older.

We are also thinking of enrolling her in pre-school. I already called couple of schools but boy it's very expensive. We will still enroll her regardless. I asked her if she wants to go to school and she was very excited saying yes. She knows her alphabets, numbers 1-10, some shapes, colors and can identify objects. She is talking more now too and it's fun to converse to her. When she's asleep and I'm watching her, I feel kind of sad but amazed at how she have grown.



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