Demanding Baby

As our DD2 is growing older she became more demanding as well. She is now 20 weeks and seemed like she also developed separation anxiety from me. Right now she is still trying to adjust with Daddy being home. When hubby hold her she will look at me and then look at her Daddy and she'll cry. Even if my other friends held her she will cry also. I can't stay away longer without her crying out loud.

Her patience is definitely very short that staying five minutes in her gym mat, bouner, car seat, or just laying down with toys is like lifetime to her. She don't like being alone too. If I put her in her bouncer I have to carry her if I go to other room or else she will get upset and cry hard. She is learning to play by herself but you need to be by her side too so she will behave for even just a few minutes.

But I am enjoying now that she's growing coz she reply with gigles every time you play with her. DD1 is also enjoying the time that she gets to play with her sister. The ate is very gentle with her and she love it when her little sister laugh with her.



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