Rain Collection

I love watching HGTV specially the house hunting and also decorating ideas. I've seen an episode wherein the house hunters wanted a green house or at least it has features where you can save energy. One house has rain barrels that the previous owners used for rain harvesting. I think it is a cool idea.

I know back in the Philippines we have rain water barrels at the back of our house. It is right down below the gutter where the rain will be caught. My parents have been using it ever since. We don't have a regular supply of water then. We used to go to rivers and streams and get water for drinking and other needs in the house. With the rain barrels we can store water and used for taking a bath, wash clothes and water our plants.

If you have your own house and want to go green, you can recycle rain water. There are rain barrels for sale online. Just check it out and start helping our environment by conserving water. It will be a great help to lessen utility bills. I definitely will get one once we have our own place.



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