Our Moving Story

As a military family I can see and experienced multiple moving from one duty station to another. I can say it is really daunting but you'll get used to it. My first time was in 2005 and I thought it was just easy. We don't have much stuff then and so we just did the move by ourselves. As the years passed, we acquired more stuffs and our family have grown. The do it yourself move is somehow laborious so we opted to hire professional movers.

Having a professional help does helped a lot and made our moving or what you call in the military permanent change of station or PCS. The military transportation will help arrange the soldiers moving. I could say it's very smooth and nothing untoward incident happened, like broken stuff or what not.

I would suggest if you are moving and you have lots of stuff, it is best to hire the professionals. It makes a big difference. A friend who lives in Tampa is moving to join her family here in the west coast and I told her to check out Tampa moving companies. It will make her move easier. I believe moving companies are all over the place. Just check online and you'll get tons of result researches from Alaska movers to Miami movers.

Right now, we are waiting where will be our next duty station. Hubby just got back from Iraq and we are on our third year in Washington. It is that time again that we will move. If hubby decided to stay then our last move will be from our apartment here to our own home once hubby retires from the military.



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