DD2 @ 4 Months

Wow our DD2 is now four months old. It's amazing how times just rolled by. She is getting bigger too by the minute :-) On the 17th I brought her to the hospital for her 4th month well-baby-check. It went well. She had three vaccinations, two shots and one oral. She was tough in taking those only cried a few seconds. Her development is on track but one thing concerns me the most is her weight. She did not gain as much as she should have.

I am solely breastfeeding her and I know that my breast milk somehow became low when I started taking the pills. According to my OB it will not affect milk production but I think it does a little to me. So I told DD2 Pedia that I will supplement her with formula and wait til she's six months to officially start her solids. So next week I will bring DD2 to the clinic and have her weight check then we will see how much she gained in two weeks time.

I am giving her formula at least twice a day but she won't drink much at all. I think she will take more when hubby give it to her than me. I am trying different bottle nipples also. So far she likes the medela and avent. For the past days I noticed a difference from last week so I hope it will be consistent and at least she gains a pound or two when we go to her weighing in.



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