Seafood City Experience

Last July Seafood City opened up their branch here at the Northwest. They have the store at Southcenter mall in Tukwila near Seattle. This morning we went to Seattle to pick up the older daughter to stay with us for couple of days before school starts. On our way back we stopped by the mall to check out Seafood City.

Since it's Saturday expected to have a lot of people inside. We have a hard time parking our vehicle. The parking spaces outside the store were already full. Good thing there was one shopper who walked toward her car so we basically waited until they can get out and we took the spot.

Inside the store is another story. There were too many shoppers and of course majority are Filipinos :-) I believe some of them came from neighboring cities as well like us. As soon as you enter you can already smell the fresh sea foods, produce and the cooked Filipino dishes at the inside restaurant.

Right at the entrance of the store inside the mall you can see the Red Ribbon, Tokyo Tokyo, Chowking and Jollibee stalls. Jollibee is not yet opened but the rest are. I decided to go to Chowking for lunch and wanted hubby and the kids to try it. There was a long line but in fairness the service was fast. For our order I only paid $29.72 for 5 pc. chicken value meal with bihon guisado for side dish, 8pcs. lumpia shanghai, spaghetti, king size halo-halo, two kalamansi juices.

There was a live band earlier and they're singing OPM songs. Right at the corner of the store there was also a screen set up and anybody can sing videoke. It was funny because it is very Filipino. There was this one guy who sung You are My Destiny, a popular song being sung in Karaoke and everybody were clapping and cheering including those at the restaurants eating. It was so reminiscent of eating in a carenderia and someone is karaoke-ing :-) It was fun :-)

After we ate I bought few Filipino products at the store. I definitely will come back to get other stuff. We did not stay long because the kids were getting antsy. Me and my friends were already planning of going there one of these days without the kids.



Nita said...

We went there last July. Ang daming tao at saka haba ng pila sa Chowking. It took me about an hour or more. Chowking pa kasi open that time.

Gusto ko rin sa Seafood City kasi mas OK yung isda nila kaysa ibang Asian store...

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