Gymnastics Class

I said to myself, this is it, the busy schedule begins once your kids started going to school. Our DD1 is now in preschool and at the same time we enrolled her in gymnastics. When I was on my first trimester last year she was in a dance class. The problem with it was I have to dance with her as well. It was impossible for me to do it while I was very pregnant so she stopped.

Now she is in gymnastics class once a week. She can do what the coach ask them to do except somersault on a padded mat or on a bar. She is just a scared baby doing it. She also need to listen more to her coach. I think because her patience is not that long yet. She follow instruction but then do other things watching other kids and just run and jump around. Since she was there for only two sessions I am pretty sure she'll improve in the long run. It's her first time with gymnastics and 50 minutes per session is such a short time to see improvement right away.



Miriam Joy said...

Hello Bless! Asa nga gymnastic si Shiloh nag attend? Gusto baya jud ko anang gymnastic para pod ni Miriam. Naay ballet dre sa amoa duol ra kayo pero mas gusto jud nako ang gymnastic. Mao bitaw, moapil pod tag sayaw sayaw sa ilang ballet. Kasulay pod ko ana sa una ni Miriam kay 3 years old pa man sya ato. Karon kung ako ipa enroll sa ballet, siya siya nalang pero mas mo prefer ko ug gymnastic. Nice post Bless!

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