Multiple Sclerosis

I was watching a Filipino news and current affairs show and they featured a young lady who suffered Multiple Sclerosis. The young lady was a college student and is the hope of her family because she is intelligent and her future is very promising according to her parents. They did not know at first what happened to her when she came home from their school field trip and one side of her body became limp and she can hardly move. Because they are poor the family wasn't able to bring her to the hospital for thorough check up.

Good thing when this television network learned of her situation they helped her. She was brought to the hospital and the doctors found out that all she is suffering is an Ms symptoms. She was given proper medication as well as told to follow an Ms Diet in order for her to get better. Due to the family's financial situation they don't know if they can shoulder all the expenses.

I am very moved by how the young girl shows her spirit. Even if her condition is very poorly she still got high hopes. I learned a lesson from her that whatever low the situation we are in there is always hope as long as we believe. We just have to keep our faith. Now I am very curious about Multiple Sclerosis. I found a website that talks all about MS. It is very interesting illness and like any other illness that you don't really want to happen to you.



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