Our Girls Have Sniffles

When it comes to the health of our kids I am one worry-wart momma. Our two girls have cough and colds right now and it really bothers me. I am like this every time they don't feel well. Our DD2 first had the colds this past days and then DD1 caught it and she has slight fever as well. Tomorrow will be the third day she has slight temperature and if it will not fade away I will call her Pedia and have her checked.

I monitor her temperature since yesterrday and it fluctuates from 99-101. I am giving her the Tylenol for kids and hopefully it will subside. I did not have enough sleep last night because I was watching her closely. She sleep in her own room now and I have to get up from time to time to check her out.

On Tuesday, if she is still having cough and colds she will have to be absent from school and her gymnastics class. I know she won't like it. Just this morning, when I told her she has to stay home and not go to church because she is not well, she cried. She still want to go to church so we did. I am praying that she will be well enough to go to school on Tuesday.



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