Decorating for Fall Season

Since autumn is here, have you started decorating yet? I know here in the US you have to dress also according to the weather and also if you like it, decorate your house each time season changes. What I did in the past was keep my decor every time the season change. I have few home decors that I have to dig out now since fall is here already. Some of my fall harvest center pieces are already out although it's all on top of our cabinet in the kitchen.

I still have to buy some stuff for decor even though I have kept some from previous years. I am still needing a Thanksgiving tablecloth since I sent to Philippines the one we used in 2008. Last year we spent the Thanksgiving with friends so I did not bother getting a new one. I also need table pads and table cloth protector. When we got our new dining set I was thinking of getting new ones but until now we still have the old ones. I found nice autum home decors online at bed bath I like their stuff and affordable too.

But before the harvest decors that I am planning to get before November, my husband was asking me about Halloween home decor. He asked me if I am planning of decorating for the Halloween. I may have to since our daughter gets excited seeing halloween stuffs. We went to a spirit store last week and she can't contain her excitement. I was able to get her one big pumpkin bucket and a small one. I know trick or treating is still a month away but she is so excited already.

There is so much to do if you are planning of making decor changes every season. But if you have kids that will appreciate and happy of what you prepare, everything is worth the effort. Their happiness is your joy as well. Check out the online store I mentioned above. You can find tons of great things at an affordable price.



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