Healthy Trips to the Gym

This guest post from Josue Nichols.

Whenever I tell my girlfriend I am going to the gym, she is always so happy that I'm thinking about my health and my body, especially my body, because she insists its important to have a boyfriend she's not ashamed to show her friends. What she doesn't know is that I go to the gym not because I want to work out, but because I got fired from my job on Wall Street and now work as a new accounts man at the local fitness center.

I have to cringe when she tells everyone that I am an up and coming securities broker, and that I am basically going to be filthy rich before I turn thirty. What I am going to be is filthy, as all the stink and odor of evaporated sweat attaches to my skin. Rich? At seven dollars an hour, not likely. What' s worse is that in order to keep up the pretense I have to work out during my break and lunch time, and I also had to take a home equity loan on the house in order to pay for my girlfriend's fancy jewelry and nightly dinners at the most expensive restaurants in town. The interest on this loan continues to pile up, and I may have to file for bankruptcy soon. In the meantime, burglars are casing my house on a nightly basis. So before I go to work, I always set up my home security alarm that come with Home Security Systems monitoring. If only securing my life was so easy.



juliet said...

Hello! I've got an award for you on my blog, All Things Juliet. Hope you'll accept it when you have the chance. Thanks!

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