DD1's Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Today was a fun day for our preschooler. Their school had their first field trip for the school year. They went to the pumpkin patch near our area. It was her first time and she was very excited even before this day arrived. It got me excited too since I haven't been to a patch before. There is one down the road from us but we only pass by it for two years.

The trip was around 1pm this afternoon. We met the rest of her class at the farm. We rode a tractor going to the actual patch and the kids had a blast pointing just any where. It was a good thing there were not much people that their class was the only people at the patch with few others on different patches.

The above picture was our DD1 picking up her pumpkin. She can't decide what she'll get since there's a lot to choose from. It was fun looking at the little kids holding hands picking up pumpkins enjoying the experience.

Sitting on a big pumpkin



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