Famous Hockey Movies

Thanks to Darwin Barton.

Hockey fans will have a consistent stream of games for a majority of the year, but what are they supposed to do during the summer? After watching reruns of their favorite games, many hockey fans begin to turn to the Hollywood version of hockey games. Although they have not been entirely popular, the few movies that have been made have achieved a cult like status amongst all sports fans.

One of the most famous hockey movies produced was the classic movie Slap Shot featuring Paul Newman. Playing for the failing Charleston Chiefs, Newman attempts to learn more about the selling of the Chiefs, as well as what his future holds. Little does he know that his life will be turned upside down once the Hanson Brothers join the team. The three brothers, with matching long hair and thick black glasses turn the team around with their "old school" style of hockey.

One of the other famous hockey series is the Mighty Ducks trilogy. The movie follows Gordon Bombay and Charlie Conway as they form their friendship on the dismal District 5 hockey team. The team turns around with a timely gift and begin competing as the Mighty Ducks. The second movie follows the Ducks as they compete against the world at the Junior Goodwill Games, and the third movie follows the same group of kids as they begin their high school hockey career.

Although I enjoy watching hockey on satellite deals and hd dvr, watching some older hockey movies is a great way to spend the off season.



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