Halloween Costume

This post is overdue already. I know Halloween had passed and I totally forgot that I made a draft about what we did during Halloween. Our DD1 was bugging me that she wants to go trick or treating. I told her that if it ain't raining we are going. I also promised last time that this year I will get me a costume to wear for trick or treating.

When we went to the store to buy costumes, I really didn't find something that I like. When DD1 choose the princess dress I was looking at the adult costumes if there is one similar to what she like. Good thing I saw the empress costume that matches with hers so I ended up buying it.

We wore the costumes on October 30 during the trunk or treat activity of one of the church near us. Our friend invited us and I like the idea since we don't have to walk through many houses. It was just around the church's parking lot. We all had a great time except for the incident where my car was locked while it was still running. That wasn't cool at all. But I learned my lesson and our DD1 did enjoyed her 2010 Halloween.



Raquel said...

grabe na ni mads kay nag costume man diay jud ka. you look like an empress jud..bonga kau tan-awon. mo try ra kog suot ana mads, wala pa ko kasulay kay no guts ko...he-he.

nag-ulan diay ba kay basa man diha. i like the idea of trunk or treat para duol ra ang baklayan. ingon ana cguro ang mga theme sa mga churches this year mads ba kay diri sa among lugar, daghan pod nag trunk or treat nga mga church.

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