Organizing Kids Bedroom

Having to live in an apartment has its pros and cons. It is great that you don't have to pay from your pocket any maintenance work or no yard to tend to, but among its cons is the lack of space. We only have two bedrooms since the complex we live at do not have three bedrooms layout. So this means lack of space or storage for all our things. We have two kids and as they grow we also accumulate stuffs. This is why I wish we have enough space to put additional kids lockers.

Our toddler have toys that my husband disassembled in order for it to fit in their bedroom's closet. It is a hassle for me because every time she wanted to play I have to put it together for her. If I have lockers for kids I can just put the toys inside it and when they need it I will just pull it out and give it to her.

Right now the closet is so full. Toys and clothes are in one closet. Although the clothes are neatly hanged but the shelves are just full of different knick-knacks. I was thinking of getting children's lockers that we can hang to organize their books and small toys or games. That way I can save floor space and their bedroom will be arranged or organized. I am just so done with the clutter. This will be one of my main task this coming new year.



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