School Update

Glad to have two weeks of school break. This means I will be relaxed every Tuesday and Thursday from dropping and picking up our preschooler. Hubby also is done with his fall quarter and thank God he passed all his classes. He got his grades early this morning. He was so excited he woke me up from my deep slumber. I am happy for him too because he work hard for it amidst his hectic schedule and watching our kiddos when I go to work. He is now going to take three classes for the winter quarter and God-willing, when everything work out good, he will be looking at graduating in fall next year.

As to my classes, I don't get a break. I have a continuous classes for a year that started in September. So I have until September to finish this certificate program. Right now I am kind of behind with my schedule. I need to double time and work hard in order for me to catch up and finish on time. Although online classes has it's own pace but if you are not aware of your time then you will be caught up. I have a hard time juggling with my lessons and kids when I'm at home. The little one is very demanding as of this time. She is so attached to me that when I am at home she won't leave my side. But I am very positive that I will be able to get through this program.



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