Recall on Cribs

I heard on the news the other day about recall on cribs with a drop down side design. The crib that we had with our first born has drop down but we already disposed of it. For our infant right now we don't have crib instead we used the play yard. I was thinking of getting a crib but we just don't have place for it unless we have to downsize our toddler's bed.

I am looking at Baby Gifts Outlet and saw different style of cribs. The one I am interested in is the crib that can be converted to a toddler bed. The site really have everything you need for your baby. It's like a one stop shop for your baby needs.

But back to the recall, if you have a crib that have drop down side make sure to contact the manufacturer and you can ask for a kit to fix it. It is important in order for your baby to be safe.



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