A Brand New Year!

Thanks for the post from Heriberto Sanders.

Our house is hoping with News Years excitement! As you are probably aware, we are planning our usual trip down town to the Gallivan center. The ice skating, the music, the entertainment, the fireworks! What more could you ask for? I would have to say the kids are most looking forward to the ice skating. What's not to like about falling down on an icy cold hard as a rock surface? Joking aside, we love New Years Eve. Before we head out for the night we will of course set our home security alarm from http://www.AllHomeSecurity.com/. The Sheppard's and the Powell's will be joining us, as well as Grandma and Grandpa Rees. Everyone will be bundled up to prevent any frostbite.

Maybe this year we can get Phil out on the ice! I know how much he dreads it, but we would love to see him try!

After ice skating we will move on to the live music, and enjoy some hot chocolate while we listen. Each year the music gets better and better, and its nice to see the local talent. I imagine we will take in the entertainment for a while until the FIREWORKS! (My personal favorite) The fireworks as absolutely fantastic. What a wonderful night, with wonderful people, in a wonderful place. Happy New Year!



irel said...

It's been a while! Happy New Year to u and to your family:D

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